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Four guys writing songs in Auburn, WA... that's about it


Gordon's Crowbar


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Some things take doin'

 Others just take time

Jeff likes to play guitar and chimes. Fortunately, as a disembodied head, he has difficulty juggling both and just sticks to picking the ax with his teeth.

Frank dreams of being a musician one day. For now, he settles on playing bass and vaping whatever's readily available.

When Ken's not texting his dungeons and dragons friends, he likes to spend time hitting things as hard as possible.

Rhythmically?... close enough.

This is a picture of a picture of Andy. Come see Gordon's Crowbar and you'll hear him sing a song about singing a song.


What's Going On:

Apr. 19, 2019: Gordon's Crowbar and Five Shots Gone at Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. $8                               cover starts at 8pm.


                            Please use the "contact us" options for booking.




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